Thursday, March 17, 2016

The Best Tiramisu in Venice, Italy: I Tre Mercanti

I love tiramisu. I've loved tiramisu ever since I can remember having eaten tiramisu. Tiramisu is supposedly invented in 1969 in Treviso, near Venice, so I figured being in Venice got me close enough to hunt for a great one. An online search turned up I Tre Mercanti as a potential contender.

i Tre Mercanti

This cute little shop sells tiramisu, macarons, wines, olive oils and other sundries.
i Tre Mercanti

But of course, I'm here for the tiramisu. Multiple tiramisus, in fact. I Tre Mercanti has many flavors of tiramisu, from the classic (coffee), mango, amaretto, pistachio. They claim that they make them fresh every hour, and when they do you can actually see the action through the window.
i Tre Mercanti

First, we were being conservative decided to try only two flavors: classic (of course), and passionfruit
i Tre Mercanti

As you can see, they're not layered like the usual tiramisu you see, but that doesn't matter. These were so good that we decided to try all the flavors they had! So we ordered the amaretto, chocolate, and pistachio.
Best tiramisu I've ever had? I dare say so! I'm a bit biased so I think I still liked the classic one best, but Wandering Chopsticks liked pistachio best (I have to say, that one was excellent!)
i Tre Mercanti

They don't use kahlua but instead they use coffee in the classic tiramisu. What about it that makes it so good? Everything, really. The ingredients they use were excellent, they had the right balance between the mascarpone and ladyfingers. It's not soaked and not overly sweet. The flavors of each one really come through, especially the pistachio and the coffee!

If you are in Venice and love tiramisu, this place should definitely be on your list! I'm still dreaming of these tiramisus more than half a year later. They have many more flavors, too, that we didn't get to try because they were not available then. They have blood orange and chocolate, apricot liqueur, matcha green tea, just to name a few.

The shop also has a nice selection of beer, wine, and sodas to go with your desserts.

I Tre Mercanti
Campo della Guerra, 5364, 30122 Castello
Venezia VE, Italy


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