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Top 7 Eats in Maui, Hawaii

This past December, I took my mom on a trip to Maui - it was a trip that I won on an Instagram contest from Expedia. Yes, people do win contests! This is proof! But keep in mind you'd have to pay taxes on it ... that caught me by surprise this tax season. But hey, it was still a cheap trip to Maui, and of course I spent most of it eating (and driving The Road to Hana)!

Here are my top 7 picks on the island of Maui:

1. Ululani's Shave Ice
I had Ululani's for the first time on my previous trip to Maui and I was wowed by their shaved ice. The flavors of the syrups, made from real fruits, and the texture of the ice ... It was the best shaved ice I've had then. Now, after finally visiting Kauai, I would still say Ululani's is the best in all of Hawaii!

2. Leoda's Kitchen and Pie Shop
Leoda's is another popular spot, known for the pies and sandwiches. It's hard to tell you what the best pie here is - it all depends on your preferences, but all in all they make excellent pies! As always, my favorite is the banana cream pie, but I have an obsession with banana cream pies (I blame it on Apple Pan).

Now, the sandwiches here are not to be missed as well. One of their most popular ones is the Seared Ahi (grilled rye bread, seared fresh sashimi grade tuna, avocado, caramelized Kula onion, jarlsberg cheese, local basil pesto, garlic aioli, watercress).

3. Poke Bowl at Eskimo Candy Co
Why is a search for the best poke bowl in Maui turned up a place called a candy company? Who knows. It doesn't matter since the locals who were on my zipline tour highly recommended this as the best on the island, I had to check it out.
Eskimo Candy Co is a small, kitschy shop serving some amazing poke. The bowl is the best way to try this place as a first-timer, since you get to try all four varieties!

4. Vegan ice creams at Coconut Glen's
I made a random stop at this whimsical ice cream shack on my way back from Hana, and glad I did. Coconut Glen makes vegan ice creams with coconut milk. My mom tried many ice creams on her trip to the US, and this was her favorite. Their flavors change, but my favorite one that day was the chili chocolate.

5. Da Kitchen
A low-key, locals spot for traditional Hawaiian food that's an easy stop to/from the Maui airport. Theyre' famous for the fried spam musubi, but I wouldn't miss trying one their variety of loco moco plates. The aptly named Notorious B.I.G. Moco has hamburger, chili, 2 eggs, mushrooms, onions, spam, cheese, bacon, Portuguese sausage, and fried rice. Share.

6. Lahaina fried soup at Star Noodle
Star Noodle was one of the favorite places in Maui, and it was hard for me to choose a favorite dish here. The noodle dishes were all great, including the ramen, and the malasadas for dessert were delicious, as well. I had to go with the Lahaina fried soup, however, since it's the most unique. It's not a soup, as the confusing name might or might not suggest, but more of a stir fried dish with fat rice noodles, ground pork, and bean sprouts.

7. Banana bread at Aunt Sandy's
Another stop on The Road to Hana, this place arguably makes the best banana bread on the island. They keep these loaves warm, so you can dig in right away as you watch the waves crash on the Keanae Peninsula. They sell tacos and sandwiches, as well, in case you need a lunch stop, but the banana bread is the star.


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