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Thirst Boston Celebrates New England Cocktail Culture on May 20-23, 2016

There are so many great cocktail bars in Boston, and what better way to explore them all (plus more New England bars) than at Boston's cocktail week, Thirst Boston? Well, lucky you, the next Thirst Boston is coming up soon on May 20-23 of 2016.

Hawthorne Thirst Boston
Thirst Boston took a hiatus but the last one in 2014 was a fun whirlwind of events! Here are some of what you can expect to happen this year, plus a recap of last year's events:

This year's opening night gala (dubbed The Thing) will take place at The Hampshire House. In addition to Boston's top bartenders, the winner of the Best Home Bartender competition will also get to showcase his/her drink here! If you're interested in entering this competition, you can still apply until April 1 (get the info here).
Thirst Boston
The gala is a night of extravaganza where cocktail lovers and bartenders don their finest garb and dance the night away - helped by live music and more than enough bar stations manned by the city's finest bartenders.

Another confirmed event is State Lines on Saturday evening, in which great bars from all over New England will hold pop-ups throughout the city!
Thirst Boston
I imagine this will be similar to last year's Amor y Amargo pop-up at Silvertone. Amor y Amargo, if you're not familiar with it yet, is a bitters and amaro-focused bar from New York.
Amor y Amargo Thirst Boston

There will a seminar on New England crafted ciders, including the long history of cider making in New England. Of course, there will be various tasting seminars delving into cognac, mezcal, cordials, and even baijiu.
Thirst Boston
Last year I got to taste the single oak project from Buffalo Trace in which they used the same rye recipe for two different whiskies that are aged in barrels made from the same oak tree, but one was made with the bottom half of the tree while the other was made from the top half. It was incredible how noticeable the difference between the two was! Apparently the bottom half of the tree contains more natural sugars.

Of course, between seminars there will be opportunities for plenty of tastings at the exhibition rooms. Which apparently featured an inflatable pool. I don't think it was actually used, but I could be wrong...
Thirst Boston

Another event making a return appearance for 3 years in a row is the Blender Bender, which will be at Whiskey Saigon this year. 12 teams of 3 bartenders each will prepare a blended cocktail and compete to win a Vitamix BarBoss Advance. Since Thirst Boston will be in May, it will hopefully be a great weather for blended drinks.
Thirst Boston
There were a number of great events last year that I'm hoping we'll see another version of. For example, there was a Jamaican-themed brunch at The Hawthorne (featuring lots of Appleton rum, obviously).
Hawthorne Thirst Boston
The brunch was completed with some Jamaican tunes ...
Hawthorne Thirst Boston

.. and an awesome brunch spread with jerk chicken and more!
Hawthorne Thirst Boston

The seminar schedule will be revaled in April, so check back on Thirst Boston's website as the date gets closer. Tickets will be available online in mid-April.
UPDATE: The seminar schedule is now online!


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