Wednesday, May 8, 2019

Tokyo Hamburg in Koreatown Dishes Out Japanese-style Hamburg Steak

What is hamburg? In Japan, don't confuse hamburg ("hambagu") with hamburger ("hambaga"). Hamburg / hambagu is actually like Salisbury steak. Hamburg steak is a patty of ground beef that originated in the town of Hamburg in Germany, but has become very popular in Japan (after German immigrants brought it there) since the 1950s.

In LA, there's now a place in that specializes in this. Tokyo Hamburg at the edge of Koreatown, as the name suggests, serves Japanese style hamburg. Here, the ground meat comes seared on the outside but still raw inside. It is served with a sizzling stone on the side, and diners are supposed to take small pieces and cook them on the sizzling stone. ($13.99 for the original hamburg)
Tokyo Hamburg

In addition to the hamburgs, the restaurant also serves a variety of katsus.
For appetizer, there's a cheese katsu. The cheese is wrapped in ham, breading and deep fried. It's a lot of cheese to split between just two people, but good for that cheese pull Instagram money shot?
Tokyo Hamburg
We also tried takoyaki ($7.99)
Tokyo Hamburg
Rib eye steak katsu is also a good option ($16.99)
Tokyo Hamburg
This was also served undercooked so you can cook it yourself on a sizzling plate. The cooking makes the dining experience more fun, after all, and they're better fresh off the hot stone.
Tokyo Hamburg
If you're slow like we were and your hot plate or stone has gone cold, they'll replace it with another hot one!

Tokyo Hamburg offers a different dining option in Koreatown. They also have other Japanese offerings from udon to okonomiyaki. Having grown up reading a lot of manga (that's Japanese comic books if you don't know), I've also wondered about Japanese "hambagu", now there's finally a place to try one!

Tokyo Hamburg
600 S New Hampshire Ave
Los Angeles, CA 90005
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