Thursday, May 23, 2019

Silva's Fresh Eatery and Churrascaria, a More Affordable Brazilian BBQ in Orange County

As I'm sure many of you guys do, I like my all-you-can-eat Brazilian BBQ, but a lot of the places like Fogo are too expensive to go frequently. If you're in Orange County, though, you have a more affordable option: Silva's Fresh Eatery and Churrascaria in Santa Ana. Instead of the over $60 usual price tag, Silva charges $29.95 per person and $24.95 for weekday lunch. There's also a "Power Lunch" option that gets you one pass through the buffet line.

At Silva, they don't come around the tables with your meat, but instead it's buffet style and diners can come up to request the meat they want. They have picanha, garlic picanha, tri-tip, skirt steak, leg of lamb, etc. Pretty good selection of cuts for the price, if you ask me.
Silva Churrascaria
They also have salads as well as other cooked items available on the buffet line.
Silva Churrascaria

Yucca fritters to start - these make for a god snack
The salads were fresh and the beets and tomatoes make good accompaniments to the meat.
Pao de queijo (Brazilian cheese bread) is a must at Brazilian BBQ! I can just keep eating these all day, so it's nice that they're on the buffet line.
I tried their cooked items as well, including feijoada, the Brazilian national dish of pork and bean stew. I grabbed some along with rice, collard greens, plantains and a dose of farofa (toasted cassava flour that is great on top of the feijoada).

Silva Churrascaria

I thought Silva's offering was generous for the $30 price, or even better if you come for weekday lunches. There aren't as many cuts as what Fogo offers, but it is much more affordable and have the cuts that most people like, anyway. You can definitely have a good meal between the BBQ and the feijoada here. If you love in OC and love meat, try this place out.

Silva's Fresh Eatery + Churrascaria
3672 S Bristol St
Santa Ana, CA 92704 
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