Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Pal Cabron: Cemitas & Clayudas Cabronas

Pal Cabron is the brainchild of siblings Bricia and Fernando Lopez, whose family own the Guelaguetza restaurants. Pal Cabron is also perhaps the only restaurant in town serving Cemita Poblana, the sandwich that is the street food staple of Puebla.
Pal Cabron generously offered to donate a bunch of gift certificates for Bid and Eat when I was doing a fundraising for Haiti, so one Sunday I drove over to pick them up. And have lunch, of course.

Javier Cabral, aka The Glutster, was an early discovered of Pal Cabron and his blog post brought bloggers' attention to the place. They even added a painting of him on the wall.

Even though it was only lunch time and on a Sunday, I couldn't skip the much-praised Michelada.
Spicy and savory! Worcestershire sauce and a little Piquin chile is topped with Pacifico beer. A strong wake-upper here.

I dragged a friend of mine from East LA here. My friend asked me what he should get, and I recommended the one thing I've had (during Glutster's bday wine tasting trip) which I really enjoyed before: La de Barbacha ($5.95) which is Barbacoa de Borrego Enchilado (Seasoned Lamb)
Cemita Poblana here is made with a freshly baked roll sprinkled with sesame seeds and stuffed with the meat you ordered, avocado, onions, quesillo, milanesa, queso panela ... all that good stuff. When I had it during our lunch picnic, I really enjoyed all the flavors that went in and the tender meat itself.

Since I've had their cemita before, I wanted to try their clayuda this time. I was still full so I avoided meat and went with the basic with black beans and Oaxacan string cheese, Quesillo ($5.95).
It may look like a pizza to you at first, but don't be expecting similar flavors. The large and crispy tortilla is spread with pork fat, black bean paste and topped with cheese. It's crunchy, it's rich and fatty and cheesy. Very satisfying. Next time I'll add some chorizo on top.

Even though I was full, as we were leaving I gave in and got a horchata after all. The horchata here, just like the one at Guelaguetza, is topped with pecan bits, melons, and tuna (cactus) puree.
The perfectly refreshing end.

Cemitas y Clayudas Pal Cabron
2560 E Gage Ave
Huntington Park, CA 90255
(323) 277-9899
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Cemitas and Clayudas Pal Cabron in Los Angeles


Banana Wonder

Hmmmmmmm I'm dying to try this place...and obviously it makes do-over status =)


Why haven't I eaten here yet?! Gotta git me a cemita!


I need to visit just for the walls.


I have so many places (like this one) to visit backlogged that once quals are over I'll probably be eating out for months straight.

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