Monday, October 31, 2011

Pam Mac D's: New Gluten-Free Market Opens in Burbank

A couple of years ago, I knew nothing about celiacs and gluten intolerance. I've heard about gluten free diet as a fad back in college, and didn't get why people would want to cut out gluten.

Then upon meeting a friend's best friend, I was told that he had celiac disease and could not eat gluten. Now, my roommate is also gluten intolerant. As I started paying attention to it, I realized that it's a pretty hard lifestyle. I thought my roommate would be fine at an Asian restaurant since she can eat rice, but soy sauce is also a no-no!

Well, for these people, life just became easier with the opening of Pam Mac D's in Burbank, an entirely gluten-free market.

From gluten free beer made with Sorghum (which was actually pretty good, light beer) to almond flour, it carries pretty much everything. They also have packed vegan meals from Rahel Ethiopian Restaurant.

Even if you're not on a gluten free diet, doesn't mean you won't enjoy some of the things here.

I absolutely loved the ThinKrisps. I mean, they're cheese crisps!! Crunchy, crispy, cheddary goodness that are so addictive. I can eat a whole container in 5 minutes.

I also didn't miss the gluten in these cookies made by A Couple Smart Cookies, they were rich in flavor, moist and chewy. Everyone's favorite was either the peanut butter or the Pumpkin Dates Cherry (that was my favorite)

The vegan ice cream made by Divine Dips was divine indeed. Vegan? I couldn't tell. And I doubt you can find a better ice cream at a supermarket.

Not specific to gluten free peeps, but I always love a good iced tea

Also, seaweed snacks? Didn't seem like much at first, but I could not stop eating once I open the bag.

Pam Mac D's
3516 W Magnolia Blvd
Burbank, CA 91505
(818) 843-5800


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