Sunday, October 2, 2011

Get On the Lobsta Truck!

I'm not one to chase down food trucks, but I've been curious about the Lobsta Truck for a while since all my friends and fellow food bloggers seem to love it (one Boston transplant says that it's legit). My chance to try it came when they parked outside of Scoops Westside one Tuesday evening.

They were already out of the crab roll by the time I got there, so my companion and I got one of each lobster roll: with mayo or with butter. Apparently, for Bostonians, the proper way to eat a lobster roll is with mayo (celery and pepper optional).

I don't profess to know my East Coast lobster rolls, but I have tried many rolls in LA when I tagged along LAist's Sam Kim on his lobster roll roundup. For $12, Lobsta Truck's roll ranks high up there with nicely toasted buns, light mayo dressing, and succulent lobster chunks. Unlike some places who cut cost by using only lobster claw meat, they also give you chunks of the tail here. It's not a big roll, but a pretty good size nonetheless.

The lobster roll with butter is also nice, although the mayo was more flavorful for me.
We got an order of the clam chowder:
big chunks of clam, can't go wrong.
They were nice enough to give me a free lemonade,
as apology for being out of crab rolls.

While the gourmet food truck scene has jumped the shark, there are still some gems around. I think the Lobsta Truck is one of them.

Lobsta Truck
(310) 323-1234
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yum! i wonder if they have any non-lobster items so i can convince my vegetarian to go with me


Love the Lobsta Truck!


The food truck scene has certainly exploded. There's so many to choose from now. I did like my lobsta sandwich & I can't wait to try the chowdah now that the weather is getting relatively cooler.

One More Bite

Lobsta Truck is def one of the good ones! Love the lobster roll with either mayo or butter and 'pairing' with fresh lemonade (replacing squeeze of too acidic lemon) :)


Food looks pretty solid here, I want to drop by next time it's close by. Some of my coworkers checked it out and found it to be too expensive.


We tried the Lobsta Truck but the roll was so small for $12! Nicole almost cried when she saw it. :D

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