Monday, October 17, 2011

FIG Restaurant Launches Catering Service with Whole Pork

FIG Restaurant at the Fairmont Miramar Hotel recently launched a catering arm (available mostly for events held at the hotel and select off-site events). Just walking into their launch party I already know what I want to have at my wedding (if and when that happens): a whole roasted pig brined in pineapple in chile arbol!

Don't eat pork? For their launch party, FIG also prepared a gigantic whole grilled fish
The meat from the two was used to make tacos with island influence (the pork taco was topped with pineapple and the fish had mango salsa). Stay until the end of the night, though, when they start handing out pieces of the crispy pork skin. Cracklins!
Pork TacoIMG_4111
Now, if you'd like a more traditional bites for your event, they can certainly deliver with spoons of quinoa salad, mini lobster rolls, grilled beef skewers with chimichurri sauce, and oh-so-tender braised short ribs.

FIG can also provide a hot dog cart for that fun summer outdoor party. We tried the taco dog, an all beef dog topped with guacamole, creamed rajas, escabeche, cilantro and onions on a sesame bun. Then there's the signature FIG Dog with Comte fondue, Bacon-Habanero marmalade, and .. FRITOS!

For libations we had the Ruby Grapefruit and Basil made with Hendrick's gin and the Blueberry and Thyme made with Karlsson's Vodka, St Germain, green Chartreuse (and of course blueberries and thyme).
FIG has even launched their own wines, currently available at the restaurant. These Central Coast wines (currently they have Chardonnay and Pinot Noir from the Santa Maria Valley) is no run of the mill house blends, though. They are made by none other than Joshua Klapper from La Fenetre Wines, a sommelier by training whose wines go very well with food.

Pretzels with various mustards were paired with SoCal Beer Company's Red Carpet Ale.
SoCal Beer Co's sales manager, Chris Spradley
The party in front of the Fairmont Miramar hotel was certainly a blast, with performers like this couple dancing on stilts, and an aerial acrobatic show. These probably don't come with your catering order, but they can certainly give you the referrals. And can there be a better setting for a party than under a 100-year old fig tree?
Chef Ray Garcia's cooking has always been one of my favorites in town and the Fairmont Miramar has always thrown excellent parties. Now let them throw one for you.


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