Tuesday, April 1, 2014

Riding Trajineras Wooden Boats in Xochimilco (Mexico City D.F.)

Despite being the largest city in Mexico, there are still historical attractions and activities in Mexico City, including the ruins of an ancient temple right next to the zocalo. Another of these attractions is the canals in Xochimilco. These canals are what are left of a man-made waterways and lake from the pre-Hispanic period when it was the major transportation system.

Tourists and locals alike rent wooden boats called Trajineras. Locals typically go on a boat ride on the canal to party it up. The boats are equipped with a large table seating about a dozen people, perfect for families and groups of friends.
Smaller boats of vendors roam around the canals selling elotes, blankets, more food, and - most importantly - micheladas. There are even mariachi bands if you come during the busy times!

Seasoned corn or elotes!
Micheladas for everyone! I don't know if you can tell, these Micheladas are huge!
Not that that's necessarily a bad thing, but the problem is when you need to use the restroom because there isn't any on the boats ....
The blankets are beautiful but pretty expensive. There are boats selling toys as well.
We passed by an island where they hang creepy dolls on the trees. They're creepy, dirty, some decapitated dolls. I saw it on a Bourdain episode a while back. The island is called La Isla de la Munecas, or Island of the Dolls. I looked it up later, apparently there was a hermit living on the island who claimed he was haunted by the ghost of a little girl who drowned in the canals.
The hermit was found dead in the canals 50 years later.

Riding the trajineras in Xochimilco is one of the most unique things you can do in Mexico City! If you don't have transportation it may be hard to get here, but if you can manage it, I think it's worth it!


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