Monday, April 7, 2014

Lobster Deal for Sunday Supper at Vertical Wine Bistro (Pasadena)

Sundays in Pasadena are going to get exciting with Vertical Wine Bistro's newly launched Sunday Suppers! The new Sunday Supper menu, which started this past Sunday, is $25 and includes a whole steamed Maine lobster, among other items. I'm not kidding and it's quite a deal!

The supper starts with an Iceberg Wedge salad with ranch dressing

Crisp iceberg lettuce to get things going ...

Then, the main attraction: a whole steamed Maine lobster. One of the claws had been used for the lobster and shrimp roll. They come with a cup of lobster bisque and corn on the cob.

It's really quite a lot of food and I was stuffed by the end of dessert. I thought the bread could've been better for the roll, but everything else was great - with fresh, succulent lobster meat and a lightly spiced bisque and the sweet corn.

The dessert was a pretty big portion of apricot cobbler a la mode. I enjoyed it but I was already too stuffed to eat the whole thing!
I thought this Sunday Supper was a good deal for a lobster boil! Short of going to a seafood market or a hole in the wall, where else can you find a whole lobster for $25? And you still get extra items and the ambiance is nice enough for a date to boot. Just don't show your date the price!

The Lobster Boil is going on every Sunday throughout spring and part of summer. 


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