Monday, October 13, 2014

Architectural Tour of Downtown Los Angeles with LA Conservancy

Did you know that downtown Los Angeles actually has some cool architecture and historic buildings? And did you know that you can take a tour with LA Conservancy to see them?


I took this tour with a group of bloggers one Sunday morning. We had a very enthusiastic tour guide (who is obviously a Hapa as you can see from his t shirt).

Before we started walking he explained the two main architectural styles we will see. One is the Beaux Artes style which we could see with the Millennium Biltmore hotel nearby. The beaux artes style buildings feature three horizontal layers and typically pay tribute to the Greco Roman empire through their accents and decorations.
DTLA architecture 
Not the Biltmore, but a typical beaux artes style nonetheless.
This style was popular up until the 1925, when people found a new style with an emphasis on vertical layers, which you can see below.
The Title Guarante Building that was built in the 1930s is also a classic example or art deco.
Title Guarantee Building
The Art Deco decorates with aspects of the more exotic, indigenous cultures like Native American. The also focus on geometric shapes more.

So, Beaux Artes: 

I don't remember what style the public library falls under, but there are architecural gems inside, including the main lobby. Both the painted ceiling and walls ..

And the globe chandelier. So cool!

The next time you're in an older building in downtown Los Angeles, pay attention to your surroundings.

and especially the ceilings!
DTLA architecture

A walking tour of DTLA must of course include the Angel's Flight, the shortest railway in the world.

Last but not least, we went to one of downtown's coolest building: The Bradbury. (PS. Blade Runner was filmed here)

It is a style on its own, but absolutely stunning. The sunlight comes through during the day, giving it a rather serene atmosphere.
Bradbury Building
The LA Conservancy has various walking tours of downtown LA, for example: Art Deco, or Modern Skyline. Check this page for more information and the times of the tours.



Wow! What a fun tour! I've always appreciated architecture as a wonderful facade of art and tours like that. It's just my thing. I'm definitely going to join up if ever I find myself near the area. My favorite building would have to be the Library and The Bradbury. Thank you so much for sharing! All the best to you!

Marci Deegan @ Twin Pines

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