Tuesday, October 28, 2014

Old Town Pasadena Drinking at PUNCH

While 1886 Bar is one of my favorite bars in the LA area, there wasn't many other options for cocktails in Pasadena. That is, until recently. Now, you can get pretty good drinks at Trattoria Neapolis, though they've gone through some staff changes lately. One of the latest entrants is PUNCH Bar (it's been a while now since they've opened), headed by Robin Chopra and Darwin Manahan, who are also manning the bar at Corazon Y Miel.

The bar is a bit hard to find. It's on top of PICNIK, and I think you're supposed to go up the stairs from the parking lot around the back, but I got lost and they let me upstairs from inside PICNIK.
The trademark cocktails are obviously the punches. There are four different types of punch which you can order by the glass ($10) or as a flight of 4 ($22, smaller glasses). My flight came in these lovely punch glasses. Each punch can be completely different from one another - featuring rum, gin, brandy, or mezcal, for example.

Punch isn't the only thing available. The rest of the menu features aromatic, spirit-forward drinks and variations of old classics like a rum old fashioned. Or try something unique like Desert Bear made with bourbon, cardamaro, port wine and pecan bitters.

The place can get quite busy on weekend nights and the crowd wasn't really my style, but the drinks were great. I would come during a quieter weeknight or earlier on the weekend, unless you want the hopping crowd.

168 W Colorado Blvd
Pasadena, CA 91105


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