Saturday, October 11, 2014

Gourmet Dumpling House (Boston, MA)

When relatives come to visit, I inevitably end up at a Chinese restaurant. At least once. It happened twice this time, and one of the two was at Boston's popular Chinatown joint, Gourmet Dumpling House.

This place was named as having the best XLB aka xiao long bao aka juicy dumplings in Boston.
The dumplings were pretty good. They're on the bigger side and the skin is thicker and not as delicate as Din Tai Fung, but the inside is juicy. It's more of a rustic style, you can say.

During lobster season, you'll also find lobsters for pretty cheap here.

We really liked the Szechuan fish dish, the fish filets were tender and the broth was spicy and addictive.

On the other hand, I'd suggest you skip the noodle soups. We tried the beef noodle soup, which was flavorful at first bite but then fell flat over time. The noodle was a bit mushy too.

Same with the wonton noodle soup. Nothing special.

All in all, Gourmet Dumpling House was pretty good for a quick, affordable meal in Boston's Chinatown. It's no LA's San Gabriel Valley, but good enough to satisfy cravings while in Boston.

Gourmet Dumpling House
52 Beach St
Boston, MA 02111
(617) 338-6222
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