Thursday, October 9, 2014

Maine Lobster Roll #2: Bite Into Maine (Cape Elizabeth, ME)

When I was looking for lobster rolls near Portland, I had bypassed Bite Into Maine food truck because I thought it'd be harder to find. Little did I know I would come across it anyway, and so might most of you. It said that the truck parks at Fort Williams Park. I didn't know where or what that was, but apparently it's the park where Portland's most famous landmark resides: the Portland Head Light. You would've come across a photo of the lighthouse while reading about Maine.

Most of you will visit this lighthouse, and when you do, be sure to try Bite Into Maine. So far (and I know I have many left to go, but still), it is my favorite lobster roll in Maine!

You'll pass by this little truck driving through the park. They serve a few different rolls including the  traditional Maine-style lobster roll (shown above) with perfectly toasted, buttered buns, a generous pile of sweet and succulent lobster tossed lightly in mayo and sprinkled with some chives.

There were also a roll with wasabi mayo, or one with curry sauce. We tried the Picnic style which features a layer of cool oleslaw underneath, topped with lobster meat drizzled with hot butter (they use the award winning Cabot butter) and celery salt. This was also a great roll.

To top it off, once you get your roll there are plenty of picnic benches or the whole green grass in the park to sit and enjoy your lobster with a gorgeous view.

Bite Into Maine
1000 Shore Rd
Cape Elizabeth ME 04107
(207) 420-0294
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