Sunday, November 30, 2014

ChocoChicken (Los Angeles, CA)

I’ve been curious about ChocoChicken since it opened. Chocolate fried chicken? Yes, it sounds weird, but since it’s hard to just imagine what that would taste like I had to try it myself. They’ve taken over a pretty big space in downtown that used to be Corkbar.
The chocolate chicken was actually more … “normal” than I had expected. Yes, I could taste a bit of the rich, bitter chocolate flavor, but for the most part it was fried chicken. Fleischman wasn't going for a sweetness by adding chocolate, but more complexity with bittersweet chocolate.
They do add spices to the batter because the original inspiration was mole, but it was more toned down than that. It was more approachable – to those worried if it would taste weird this is good news. Although I was slightly hoping for something stranger, more “chocolatey”, this was certainly easier to eat more of.

I personally preferred having the fried chicken on its own than as the chicken sandwich.
Chicken Sandwich (chocolate fried breast, toasted bun, red cabbage slaw, miso ranch, $12)
I thought there was too much going on, though, and you could taste the chocolate fried part less, but I can see why the sandwich is popular.

Other than the fried chicken, they have mashed potatoes mixed with white chocolate, or duck fat fries sprinkled with white chocolate shavings, and biscuits.
There's a full bar here, as well. When I came there were a lot of chocolate cocktails, but they recently refocused the menu on classic cocktails and craft brews instead.

PS. There's a happy hour from 5-8pm with 10 drumettes for $10 and $2 off cocktails.

403 W 12th St
Los Angeles, CA 90015
(213) 403-1786
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