Tuesday, November 4, 2014

Boston: Where to Drink in Kendall Square, Cambridge, MA

One thing I like better at MIT compared to Caltech is that there are more good bars I can walk to. Granted, I walk farther here than I did in Pasadena ... But anyway, here are my top three cocktail bars near MIT / Kendall Square!

Untitled West Bridge
1 Kendall Square b300
Cambridge, MA 02139

West Bridge isn't only one of the best restaurants in town, but also has a solid cocktail program. While the menu is relatively small and only a few items rotate every season, you can always find something interesting with fresh and unusual ingredients, like the Amarillo by Morning made with hay-infused bourbon, hickory, benedictine, and sarsaparilla. In most of the cocktails you'll find a touch of fresh produce, like cucumber or beet infusions. Cocktails are $11 each.


11 Broad Canal Way
Cambridge, MA 02142

Closer to the T stop is Commonwealth, a large restaurant with a connected market. The cocktail menu is composed of mostly classics and variations on classic cocktails. Find a Hemingway Daiquiri or Corpse Reviver here, or a Lost Word variation using apple brandy and creole shrub. Cocktails are $10 each.

Craigie on Main
853 Main St
Cambridge, MA 02139

There's no questioning that Craigie on Main was one of the first - of many things. From the award winning food to the cocktails, Craigie has kept it strong over the years. The cocktail menu is larger than the other two restaurants, with a classic cocktail and a "Craigie Original" section, even low alcohol cocktails. The Apparition (left) is made with Cold River gin from Maine, amaro nonino, early grey, and Lambise - a blend of Belgian lambic and ale designed for use in cocktails.


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