Monday, November 10, 2014

Kali Dining: An Underground Dinner with Chef Kevin Meehan

When I saw foie gras on Kevin Meehan's Kali Dining menu, I knew I had to go before I moved away. Kali Dining is an underground dinner party that takes place at different locations throughout the year. The menu is set (at $65 when I attended) and this time it was in a beautiful home in Marina del Rey.

We got there and mingled while watching chef Kevin Meehan and his team at work. The dinner is BYOB and there were plenty of wines to go around. The dinner party was pretty small, no more than 20. Meehan makes a great host too, chatting and joking with everyone.

We started with the long-awaited amuse bouche of foie gras truffle

It's a creamy foie gras mousse covered in black crumbs that made it resemble truffles.

Next amuse: Egg yolk poached in ash oil
Followed by Abalone ceviche, basil, kumquat, virgin olive oil
Not only was it beautifully presented in the shell, the garnish combined aromas, acidity, and flavors yet soft enough to not overwhelm the fresh abalone.

Rosemary buttermilk bread with rosemary butter
Dinner roll

Tuna, beets, vanilla, celery leaf
The tuna was cooked sous vide and quite tender. The flowers and greens came from Chef Meehan's own garden.

Our last savory course was the Beef tenderloin, burnt onion jam, smoked tomatoes, parsley

They asked if anyone wanted to trade the beef for squab done in the same preparation. I love squab, so yes! I split half the beef and squab with One More Bite.
They were both great, the tenderloin was cooked perfectly and I liked the strong flavors of the accompaniments.

Bitter chocolate cremeux, coffee cream, cocoa nib tuile

And the finale: White truffle truffles.
White Truffle Truffles
These are white chocolate truffles infused with truffle oil. I love how they're shaped just like small white truffles!

For $65, I think what we got was a pretty good deal. I enjoyed the experience dining in a lovely home in an intimate setting. You also get to meet some nice and cool people and it's BYOB all night long, not bad, right? To find out when and where the next Kali Dining will be, sign up for their newsletter, follow them on twitter at @kalidining, or visit their website below.

Kali Dining
Locations vary
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