Monday, November 24, 2014

Brisket, Biscuits, and Honey Butter at Sweet Cheeks Q (Boston, MA)

In the Fenway/Kenmore neighborhood of Boston is Sweet Cheeks Q, a barbecue joint from Top Chef finalist, Tiffani Faison. It's noted to be the most expensive bbq place in Boston, but possibly also the best.

You can order meats by the pound or get a tray with 1, 2, or 3 meats (the last one is called the Fat Cheeks Tray) that comes with two sides.


Above anything else, though, you have to - absolutely must - get the biscuits with honey butter.
If you eat nothing else at this place, the biscuits need to be the one thing you do try. They are warm, buttery, flaky biscuits that are heavenly with that honey butter. Oh, that honey butter ... No one will blame you if you just come here and eat a bucket of biscuits.
If you're getting meat, then I would recommend the brisket.
The brisket is tender and fatty with a nice rub on it.

The pork ribs were also quite good.
I'd personally skip the pork belly. They're not tender or fatty enough and doesn't hold up against the brisket or ribs.

I didn't get to try these, but the fried chicken looked pretty good.

For the sides, I really enjoyed the carrot and raisin salad, while the mac and cheese were rather disappointing. Switch it up with collard greens or beans instead. I've tried the bbq from another Boston place, Blue Ribbon, and while the prices here are higher I'd have to say the brisket at Sweet Cheeks was much better and well worth the price difference! I can't reiterate enough, though, about those biscuits ...

Sweet Cheeks Q
1381 Boylston Street
Boston MA 02215
(617) 266-1300
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