Wednesday, January 21, 2015

Bostonia Public House (Boston, MA)

Bostonia Public House, located in the historic Board of Trade building, was named one of the best new restaurants in Boston last year.

The menu consists of mostly New England fare but you can start with some snacks like Tater tot poutine ($8)

These were fun, although I wish they'd put cheese curds like a real poutine!

Berbere spiced pork ribs, almond quinoa ($14)
Nicely spiced, fall-off-the-bone tender. Our favorite of the appetizers.
I read about the next dish as being one of the best new dishes in town:
Native Massachusetts crab crusted cod, asparagus, leek and potato succotash ($29)
A crab crust certainly makes cod, or anything for that matter, better! Since both are on the lighter, sweeter seafood, they complement and didn't overwhelm each other. The succotash is comforting but again, no overly bold flavor that would overwhelm the main ingredient.

Braised lamb pasta (asparagus, mushrooms, pappardelle, lamb jus, parmesan, $21)
Bostonia Public
This one was alright, it wasn't the best lamb pappardelle I've ever had, but still good.

Berkshire bourbon glazed sweet potato donuts ($9)
OK, these might be my favorite things from that night. They're sweet potato donut holes. If you've ever had potato donuts (spudnuts!) then you can imagine the texture here - a touch chewy. The glaze is made with a local bourbon from Berkshire distillery.

There are two floors to this restaurant and the first floor tend to be louder, so ask for a table on the second floor if you want a quieter environment to talk.

Bostonia Public House
131 State St
Boston, MA 02109
(617) 948-9800
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