Friday, January 30, 2015

Learn Mixology Master Method, Skip Fake Bartending Courses

So, I'll admit straight off the bat, I've attended one of those bartending courses. I didn't know much back then. The course taught me dozens of old recipes that I had to memorize and how to free pour. They used colored water, though, and I never got to taste what I "made". In the end I knew all kinds of party drinks and shooter recipes, just not what they tasted like.

Two of the top bartenders in LA, Joseph Brooke and Martin Cole, set out to change all that and create a school that would teach to-be bartenders how to make real drinks and train you the basics correctly (including developing your palate), because it's harder to beat out bad habits once you've picked them up.

Mixology Master
Quite the handyman himself, Brooke has designed and built portable bar units that can be used for classes and private events. It folds up neatly and can be carried easily!
Mixology Master
Unlike rote memorization like I had to do, the 32-hour course here will revolve around understanding the classics and building around them to create your own cocktails. It will involve tasting spirits and tasting what you're making. You'll understand the basics of distilling.
Mixology Master
You might even distill a bottle of wine and taste the product. It's a crude spirit but it was amazing to see how wine was transformed into this spirit.
Mixology Master

Their courses will take place on Saturdays and Sundays over 2 weekends (4 days total). Check out the schedule for upcoming classes at the end of February and in April on .


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