Thursday, January 22, 2015

Negroni Slushies and Amish Chicken at Parson's Chicken and Fish (Chicago, IL)

I almost missed my flight out of Chicago. I almost missed it because I was busy eating fried chicken and drinking slushies at Parson's. Parson's Chicken and Fish was opened by the team at Longman and Eagle, which you may remember was one of my favorites from previous visits. I'd been hearing about their negroni slushies and decided to stop by on my way to the airport. The place is a fun, colorful, diner.
They actually had negroni and dark & stormy slushies, so we got both! They're not just frozen blended to order but actually comes from two slushie machines which you can see sitting on the bar. The two drinks cater to different palates, with the sweeter and zingy Dark and Stormy versus the slightly more bitter Campari taste from the Negroni. Since it's the Longman and Eagle team who opened this restaurant, Conbon asked for her favorite Old Fashioned from L&E and they were able to make it.

We had to try the fried chicken here, of course. They have fried fish, grilled Amish chicken, but we went for the fried Amish Chicken ($6 for 2 pieces)

Both pieces were dark meat, yay! With juicy meat and flavorful, spiced, crispy batter, the fried chicken hit the spot. In fact, having one piece wasn't enough so after much thought I went for a second order (and that's why I almost missed my flight. It was close I tell you. But worth it).

Parson's Chicken and Fish
2952 W Armitage Ave
Chicago, IL 60647
(773) 384-3333
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