Monday, January 12, 2015

L'Amande Bakery: A Little Parisian Haven in Beverly Hills

L'Amande On Santa Monica Blvd in Beverly Hills is a charming bakery called L'Amande. What looks like a normal storefront from the outside leads into a bright and lovely space. High ceiling, spacious, charming decor.

Now, the baked goods themselves. I think this bakery makes one of the baguettes in town. They make them throughout the day so you can always get one still fresh and warm from the oven!

I couldn't stop eating these baguettes. I got one fresh from the oven and it was perfect. The only baguette that might be better in town is the one Chef Ludo uses at Petit Trois, but you can't really buy those retail. As far as baguettes that you can just go and buy whenever you want, these may be some of the best in town.

As far as other baked goods go, one of their signature items is the Raspberry cream cheese croissant

This is a more indulgent croissant, of course, but even though it's rich and sweet, the light tartness helps temper the flavors and make it easier to eat more.

Another signature item: Papillote
This pastry reminded me of kouign amann, but it's filled with custard and caramelized with sugar and cinnamon! The custard isn't too sweet and I always love the caramelized sugar crust.

They also have other food items for breakfast and lunch. I had the classic Croque Madame

It's a well done version of a classic, served with a nicely light salad. I also tried the Pain Perdu (French toast)

Again, nothing fancy here, but a nice texture on the french toast, which is neither too sweet nor too rich. I have to say I loved L'Amande. Not only is their interior bright, calming, and charming, their pastries and especially their baguette were great. The other food from the kitchen and sandwiches are also simple but excellent. It's a lovely place to come for a lunch or weekend brunch and just relax.

  L'AmandeL'Amande Bakery
9530 S Santa Monica Blvd
Beverly Hills, CA 90210
(310) 734-8922
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