Tuesday, January 27, 2015

Butchers and Barbers (Hollywood)

Butchers and Barbers in Hollywood is Houston brothers' first venture into the restaurant business. Their bars are known for their themes and secret entrances, but this restaurant has a more classic bistro feel.

Butchers and Barbers
The kitchen is headed by Chef Luke Reyes (formerly of The Corner Door and Lucky Duck). The menu is divided into snacks, "Garden", "Sea", and "Land". You can expect a great Charcuterie board ($18): pate, rillettes, cured meats, house-made pickles, stone fruit jam
Butchers and Barbers
I had forgotten how much I like chicken liver mousse until this exceptional version here, and I couldn't stop eating it with the toasted bread. They also had housemade ricotta that was delicious.

Naturally, since this is a Houston bros' establishment, the cocktails are as good as expected. I tried the Greta Garbo ($12): hazelnut-infused Belle Mead bourbon, benedictine, honey, angostura bitters, citrus oils
Butchers and Barbers 
The vegetables are seasonal, and since it was persimmon season, I had to order the Delicata squash, persimmon, burrata, smoked trout roe ($16)
Butchers and Barbers
I'm a huge persimmon fan, but I have to say the squash was the star of this dish.

Roasted cauliflower, brown butter, sheep milk feta ($10)
Butchers and Barbers
A whole roasted head of cauliflower is in right now, and Butchers and Barbers does a more decadent version justice. Who doesn't like brown butter and feta?

10 oz. grilled hanger steak, Point Reyes blue cheese butter, la ratte potatoes  ($32)
Butchers and Barbers
When grilled to a proper medium rare, the hanger steak is one of my favorite cuts because of how flavorful it is, and the one here is done just right. You can see how it's cooked to a perfect medium rare from the picture, red in the middle. Other popular entrees include an 18 oz bone-in pork chop.

Butchers and Barbers is a great base to have dinner in Hollywood before you go on with your night. Or you can end it here with some snacks (or a burger!), since they're open until 2 am.
Or you can just stay here all night long eating and drinking, because the cocktails are also great!

Sons of the Desert: Fidencio Joven mezcal, chareau aloe liqueur, lemon verbena, lime, simple syrup, and smoked sea salt
Butchers and Barbers

Butchers and Barbers
6531 Hollywood Blvd
Hollywood, CA 90028
(323) 461-1464
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